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  • Reasons Why You Need Flood Insurance

    Floods can happen anytime and anywhere. And flood water can find its way into your home, which can rip through your flooring, furniture, electronics, appliances, lighting and irreplaceable keepsakes. According to the National Flood Insurance Program, an inch of flood water throughout a 2,000-square-foot home can lead to $21,000 damage.  Flood insurance protects your valuable assets and helps pay for recovery. Here’s why you need flood insurance. Your home is a flood zone. Almost 20 percent of all flood insurance claims are from homeowners residing in regions considered at low risk of flood, according to the NFIP. Simply put, every home... Read More

  • Insurance For Moving: Know Your Options

    Congratulations you found your new home! Now let’s get down to the non-glamorous part- planning the move. Whether you hire a moving company or you you’re on your own, insurance is something you need to consider to protect your property. Here’s the moving tip of the week: know the different moving insurance options and types. Moving Valuation Moving valuation provides basic limited liability protection to your property during your move. Although it comes at no additional cost, it does not often match the actual value of the homeowner’s property. You can go for this moving option when you trust your hired moving company and if you do... Read More

  • Types Of Insurance You Need To Protect Your Business

    Running a business is a thrilling journey, but it is also associated with different risks. Whether you’re a seasoned businessman or you’re making your first foray into the business industry, you have so many things to learn. From business filings to marketing and customer service, you have to master various things. But one of the most important aspects is protecting your business by getting the right insurance policy. Let’s explore the different types of insurance you need to protect your business. General Liability This type of business insurance policy saves you from liabilities in case anyone is injured within your business premis... Read More

  • Why Consider Group Health Insurance From Your Employer

    It is one thing to say that employees are the most valuable asset of a company, and employers want to ensure that they are always safe. That’s one good reason why majority of companies offer Group Health insurance coverage. But should you go for it? In this post, let’s discuss about group health insurance and its benefits for participants. What is Group Health Insurance? A Group Health Insurance is an insurance coverage for a select group of consumers. This type of insurance plan is one of the major benefits employees can get from their company. Group Health insurance plans usually offer the same benefits with individual plans only ... Read More

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