Reasons Why You Need Flood Insurance

Floods can happen anytime and anywhere. And flood water can find its way into your home, which can rip through your flooring, furniture, electronics, appliances, lighting and irreplaceable keepsakes.

According to the National Flood Insurance Program, an inch of flood water throughout a 2,000-square-foot home can lead to $21,000 damage.  Flood insurance protects your valuable assets and helps pay for recovery.

Here’s why you need flood insurance.

Your home is a flood zone.

Almost 20 percent of all flood insurance claims are from homeowners residing in regions considered at low risk of flood, according to the NFIP. Simply put, every home, even yours, is not safe from flood. Buy flood insurance policy even your mortgage company does not require you to do so.

No homeowners insurance covers flood damage.

Don’t fall into believing the myth that homeowners insurance policy covers flood damage. The reality is that only flood insurance policy provides protection against flood damage. Talk to your Frisco, TX agent to get your flood insurance policy.

Flood losses are extremely costly.

As mentioned, all it takes is an inch of floodwater and you’ll be seeing a frustrating $21,000 damage. Spare yourself from severe headache by purchasing homeowners flood insurance before it’s too late.

Trusted agencies offer affordable flood insurance policies.

With a reputed insurance company in Frisco, TX, all you need is 1 buck per day to protect your home against flooding.

Floods are devastating, and it’s so easy to see why flood insurance is important. Visit to learn more about flood insurance, get a quote or locate an agent in Frisco who sells flood insurance.